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Drop Dead Gorgeous (WiP)

Update: Maya/Sarah has taken down all of her fanfiction, so these story links will no longer work. As far as I know, links to art and other fan works by other people should still be fine; if they are not, please let me know and I will edit this post accordingly.

More Maya fic links! She has tagged all the posts for this story, but I like to have things in one place if I can.

Drop Dead Gorgeous, by Maya (sarahtales), H/D, R

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

and its companion story from Draco's POV, The Way We Get By

[1] [2] [3] [4]

scrtkpr has kindly reordered both stories' little parts so that they're in chronological order. Here is the past story or flashbacks, and here is the present story through the end of Chapter 6 (from Chapter 7 onward, it's just the present story). Also, a linear timeline of events in the flashbacks.

DDG and TWWGB in audio format(!!!), by mcollinknight.


What Maya calls "pretty much the official cover of Drop Dead Gorgeous" by lilacevans

Harry and Draco over drinks by meiface
Stakeout by jad
Come by tweeney (about to spar in the fountain)
Go away, you're ruining my life by fleeatonce (emo!Harry and his reflection)
Cartoony Snape Love by sockwithoutshoe
Katie and Draco by lilacevans
As It Should Be by tweeney (shoulder-as-head-rest H/D cuteness)
I'm Sorry by tweeney (a series of 6 drawings depicting That One Time Harry Tried To End the Partnership)
Three Weeks by tweeney (Harry and Jilted!Draco in coffee shop)
Harry and "What Would Shacklebolt Do?" Draco by Uchinanchuduckie
Go Towards the Light! and Pre-Coffee Zombie by mawaridi (Ratcliff and Eustace the Slug; Harry and uncaffeinated!Draco)
FootInMouth!Ron and Pansy at Draco's birthday party, among some other fanart, by calyxess
H&D post-banquet by raitala
Eustace the Undead Cannibal Slug by creepylicious
Harry and Draco Portrait by Lazy-P
"Outstripping Masters" Ch. 10 scene by reebear
Veela!Harry by elphie-chan (13_moonshards)

Sexy Jonathan Rhys Meyers photomanip banner and another Meyers!manip, a poster, and a DDG layout(!) by spikeface

Pamphlet by anardev: Have you accepted the love of Professor Snape into your hearts today?
Poster with the same slogan by liveline

DDG baked goods! by playwithfyr

A fanmix soundtrack with very cool album cover by ineffabili_tea